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When we created this sex gaming website, we didn’t know we will have so many visitors every day, so we only added just the basic categories of games, some sex simulators, a couple of parody games, a couple of text games and we were ready for a long and stead test run. But because we only added a few quality games, every visitor that stumbled across our site came back whenever he felt horny. And then the next visitor did the same and we were faced with a community that kept demanding new games. We conformed to the requests and added new games in the collection every single week. The collection grew and grew and now Free Hacked Porn Games is offering one of the biggest and most diverse quality porn games libraries that you can play for free.

What makes our games so qualitative? you might ask. Well two main things. First of all, we only consider HTML5 games for this collection, since the graphics are the best, the motion engines are excellent and the gameplay is complex, allowing for customization and personalization. But the most important factor is the cross-platform availability of the games. We gathered so many loyal players in such a short time because we offered the access on both computer and mobile, no matter the operating system, straight in the browser, no matter what browser they used. And then the second reason for which we have such great games is the fact that we play them all before we upload them on the site. We test to see if they are technically ok, but we also test the gameplay experience and the capacity of the action to arouse and push players over the edge. If the game doesn’t pass, we simply not include it in the collection. That’s the only secret we have. Now let’s take a look at the collection.

New Sex Games For Any Fantasy

As mentioned before, when we first started, we based this collection on sex simulators. We know that many guys come here just for an in-and-out type of business. They don’t want to personalize their avatar, level up their character or enjoy well written stories with contoured characters. They just want interactive porn with babes they can customize. We give everyone the chance to fuck the teen or MILF of their dream with the customization menus of these simulators.

And even if your character already exists as a hottie in anime, manga, cartoons or mainstream video games, if she’s hot and known to be in the collective fantasy, she surely is in the porn parody section of our site.

But we also have games with stories for the guys who want to take their time enjoying an immersive and complete porn gaming experience. You can go for story and gameplay, with the RPG games of our site. Or you can go just for story with the text-based games. The main difference is that the RPG games are offering a legit gameplay experience, so if you would rather play a video game than read an erotica novel, you should go for the RPG sex games. But if you’re not a gamer and you want a good story with details that will make you identify with the main character from whose perspective you’re playing, the text-based games are for you.

Play Games And Forget About Watching Porn

Sitting there and just watching porn movies when you want to please yourself will mess up with your imagination and sexual creativity. Come play one of these games where you get a lot of liberty and customization options to make your adult time more immersive and personal. You will feel like you are part of the virtual world, which will make your orgasms much more intense.

Playing sex games on our site is just as simple as watching porn on a sex tube. Because we offer all the Free Hacked Porn Games with no charge and with no registration, you just start browsing, pick a game you like, hit play and then you enjoy the gameplay in your browser. Just like that!

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